Surrounding Vision.

I still remember the moment when I first decided to start a blog. It was called Indonesia Berdansa since I made the blog in 2009, and if you ask me why did I choose that name, I seriously don't know why. The name was came up out of nowhere, and I stick to it ever since.

Almost four years since then - now - I thought about another name for my blog. I don't know if it sounds weird but I decided to use Surrounding Vision. This time I gave some time to really think about the meaning of it.

I chose surrounding because it means that my inspirations or influences are coming from my surroundings. I try not to depend on only one thing. I like to explore and finding something new. I hope to inspire my surroundings too.

The second word, vision, means that you're not only going to read my blog. I will do my best to bring the best vision to your eyes either it's an outfit photo or my drawing. So, keep reading! :)

I hope you'll enjoy my blog more from now on. See you on the next post!


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