My holiday is officially over! Now I need to get a grip and do my best on the second semester. I ended my internship, too. For you who still doesn't know which magazine I was worked in, it's GADIS! I'm soooo happy to work there, and I hope to find some spare time from college to be a contributor.

Some behind the scene photos from one of my article: Headpiece Collection.
 GADIS' fashion stylist team. Thank you for being kind and helping me a lot. :)

I really enjoy working here. I hope I didn't make any mistake and truly helpful for the past month. And, a little story: I met with RAN on the last day I work! Haha I know, maybe I sound tacky but really, I'm a big fan since I was in the middle school. Meet and actually talk directly with them is amazing. Fangirling~


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