I'm Not the Usual Girl That You Meet On the Street, I'm a Little Bit Different.

Another weekend doing nothing, just chillin' on my bed and blogging. Writing became my habit lately, every time I feel like to say something but I don't know whom to talk to. Okay, so, I was reading about zodiac before I write this post, and I found out that almost every articles say that my zodiac signs are complex, mysterious, deep, passionate, determine, loyal, easily jealous, don't like to be betrayed, and... ummm, I can see through people so I could know if they're lying or not. I don't actually have this "psychic" power in me, but I do a lot of observation when I have people around me. Maybe they feel burdened because I'm looking at them (and sometimes my face looks cynical), but I don't mean it that way. I don't think about other people negatively, it's just that I unconsciously looking at them. And, if you think I'm a cold or arrogant because I'm not always smiling when someone I know passing by, you're wrong. I actually don't know what to do, haha. Seriously, I don't know. So if you ever feel like I'm not easy to approach, you're probably wrong. I can't express my feeling well and I can't easily open myself to someone that I just met with. Yes, maybe you can say that I'm a little mysterious, but I myself don't really know what kind of person I really am. I can be very bubbly and cheery, but at the same time I'm a quite and shy kind-of-girl. There are times when I don't feel like talking and I choose to shut my mouth and just listening to other people's stories instead. I don't really talk about myself that much.

My weakness is: I'm a forgetful person. I can't remember things. I heard you, but I hardly remember the details later. I screwed up so many times. In a psychological test, the result tells me that I like to observe my surrounding better than say something about it. Well, it's true. I don't really talk in new environment, I'll need to take some time to adapt. But because of this personality of mine, my appearance is somewhat become "different". Some of my friends in college even called me "eccentric" because I wear things that people (especially girl) don't usually wear. I wear men clothes a lot since my college insists me to wear anything with collar, so I wear my dad's shirt almost everyday. I don't find a skin-tight clothes attractive, I love oversize clothes more.

Anyway, I did some experiment with hair chalk today and turn my hair into pink... or purple? My hair is black so the pink color turns into purple instantly. But it looks really good! I'm truly in love, you know. But, well, it's still not good enough to persuade my mom to let me dye my hair for real. *sobs*
I actually want to talk about more things but I don't know how to spill it haha. Maybe I'll tell you next time. Have a good weekend!

Oh, and welcome May! Be good!



  1. you look so cute!


  2. Aaw thank you! I wish I can dye my hair for real tho hearing that it looks good on me. Anyway, I love your style! It's lovely.


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