Happy ears.

I am so happy that some of my favorite musicians/bands are coming back with new album. And now I'll review some! 
Hurts - Exile
Hurts is back with another amazing album. I totally love their lyrics. It feels like reading a poetry. They consistently sing about love, and it isn't a cheesy-kind-of love story. More like deep, intimate, mysterious, dark love story. I keep on repeating the songs on iTunes. For me the best tracks are Miracle, Exile, Sandman, Cupid, Blind, Only You, and Somebody to Die For. You'll love them if you like to listen to Lana Del Rey or Florence+The Machine
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
 Fun and quirky. There is always this tickling sound whenever I hear Vampire Weekend's song. If I close my eyes, I can imagine my self was there, back in the 80's or 90's. They give you an old sound that feels nostalgic. I recommend you to hear Unbelievers, Diane Young, Ya Hey, Step, Don't Lie, and Everlasting Arms.

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with the album. I was expecting something more fun and upbeat. But still, it's one of the best album in 2013 so far. Daft Punk brings you back the enjoyment of electronic music. Lose Yourself to Dance, Get Lucky, Give Life Back to Music, Instant Crush, Beyond, and Fragments of Time are superb.

Delphic - Collections
I love Acolyte more, but Collections is pleasant as well. Delphic back with their signature sound and after watching them live at the Road to Big Sound Fest concert, I became a huge fan. My favorite tracks are Baiya, Memeo, Atlas, and Changes.

Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll
Starts with The Phoenix and closed with Save Rock and Roll. My long-awaited band finally releases an outstanding album. You can hear so many sounds in one album. I can't ask for more.

Theme Park - Self Titled
Sweetest crush! They have their own unique sound, and every song in the album has it with a little twist. A fun and fresh album. All of the songs are cool, but you have to listen to Jamaica, Two Hours, Tonight, Wax, and Ghosts.

B.A.P - One Shot
You guys know that I love k-pop right? This one is my most favorite group right now, and One Shot is one of the best album. The titled song, called One Shot as well, easily climb to number 1 on my most played on iTunes, event beat my all-time favorite song Sweet Disposition. The rest of the album are awesome too. Five star!

Lee Hi - First Love
Lee Hi's album is cute, sweet, and lovable. I love her deep-jazzy voice, and I love her songs because they're fun to hear. She's 16 and totally talented. Do listen to It's Over and Rose.
Yuna - Self Titled
I know that it's waaaay too late to review Yuna's album since it was out back in 2012 but please let me explain you that I just heard the album, and the whole-album blown me away. Pharrell Williams personally help to produce some of her songs in the album: Bad Idea, See You Go, and Live Your Life. Fun lyrics and all of the songs are easy listening. And her unique voice makes the album more than delightful. See You Go is personally my favorite song, one of the reason is I can relate to the lyric, especially at the part "Baby, I'm a Scorpio. I'm independent. I'm in control. Don't think I don't care, that I'll never be there; I'll answer the phone whenever you call". Yes, I'm a proud Scorpion. :b

Do you know any other good musician? Or band? Let me know!



  1. i am a fan of Lee Hi! anyways awesome recommendation <3<3

    Letters To Juliet

  2. Me too! She's super cute. Thank you! <3


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