I finally free from final exam and assignments! I'll be on holiday until August 31st and I already planned some things to do, so my holiday won't be wasted. And I'm super duper happy to finally back home and sleep in my room again. Not only on the weekend, but also weekdays! All of the things that keeping me sane are here in my room. Books, clothes, shoes, sketch books, painting/drawing tools, notes, etc... every single one of them are my treasure.
Anyway, been drawing since I got really bored with exam. So here it is...
I'm so happy that I can draw shoes! The other thing I should work on is... toes. Or basically I just can't draw fingers.
Meet you in the next (outfit) post! Happy fasting month!



Hi! Hello! Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your comment and feel free to drop your blog's link here so I can check yours! Xx

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