Derawan Trip.

It is such a great opportunity for me to visit Derawan Islands in Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo). I went there with my brother and sisters. Derawan Islands consist of Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki, Kababan, Samama, and Panjang Island. You can only reach the place by plane to Balikpapan, then take a flight again to Berau by a smaller plane. After you reach Berau, you should go by car for 2,5 hours to Tanjung Batu and half an hour ride on speed boat to Derawan island. It's a long long way to go, but you're not gonna regret it. The beaches, sea, food, and scenery are really amazing. Derawan is the most crowded island among them all because it is the closest island from Tanjung Batu.

1. Derawan island's beach.
2. Me sitting on the edge of Maratua Paradise Resort's wooden stairs in Maratua island. You could actually put your legs in the sea and enjoy the scenery. The water is sooo clear that you can see the fishes.
3. Maratua island's beach.
4. One of the lake in Kakaban island. We had to pass through a beach full of coral (the speed boat couldn't approach the shore because of the coral) and climbed a cliff high enough to reach the lake. To get out of the lake, we had to pass through a hole by walking while squatting. It was the hardest place to reach, but happens to be my favorite place as well.
5. Percula Clownfish. We met 4 of them, and they're not shy of camera. We even fed them!
6. The other lake in Kakaban island. It contains thousands of jellyfish that don't sting so even though we're touched by them, we're not going to feel itchy. Too bad we couldn't take photos in the water because the water resistant camera was broken when we were snorkeling in the lake.
7. Can you spot the jellyfish?
8. Sangalaki island's beach. You can also find sea turtles there. But when we visited, no sea turtles were seen. Our tour guide said that all of the sea turtles around the world gather in this island once a year.
9. The sunset.

We have to use speed boat to go the other islands (Maratua, Kakaban, and Sangalaki). The farthest island from Derawan is Maratua (1 hour). Unfortunately, when we were there, the south wind was blowing pretty hard. It was a bumpy ride on speed boat... my bottom and back were in pain. The wind was blowing strong at night, blew both of my towel and t-shirt (sad, sad, sad). But over all, I had a great time!

I want to go back as soon as possible if I can, there are still so many things I want to try.



  1. how great !! i love the island looking so fresh and clean

  2. follow you on GFC!

  3. It looks absolutely breathtaking, you're so lucky to go there! The colours looks so vivid, the photography is lovely xx

  4. Make me want to go there, such an Amazing place! Love your sunnies too <3

    1. You have to go there someday! Hehe thank youuuu <3

  5. Super blog : ) Do you want to follow each other?

  6. What gorgeous photos, what kind of camera do you have???
    follow eachother?

    1. Thank you, lovely! I use several cameras: lumix, canon, and iphone hehe. Sure I'd love to!

  7. such a fun trip ♥
    waiting for another post!



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