The Fault In Our Stars

As I'm writing this post, my cousins are watching an Indonesian TV series. The story is about a family, a married couple, that slowly destroyed because their mothers-in-law are such pathetic jerk. I don't know why they come up with the idea of "evil" mother-in-law. And I don't really understand why the children (which is the married couple) decided to marry and keep listening to their mothers and start to hate each other. Aren't they supposed to trust each other? I can't even think what if it happens in real life (seriously, I can't imagine about it). These types of TV programs impressed me in every negative way possible.

Moving on, in case you're wondering: yes, my post's title is one of the titles of John Green's novel; which is my favorite. I don't fancy cheesy love story, that's why I love how Hazel and Augustus love each other and enjoy every single of their conversation. Not every stories that ever made have a happy ending. And sometimes I prefer it that way.

Anyway, I'm having my holiday in Samarinda, East Borneo, with my family right now. I finally meet my lovely cousin Nab and Qiba. I missed them! We have so many things in mind, like some project, and this is one of them. We kinda a diehard fans of Tavi and her magazine also Lunar Mart. We're obsessed with cute things. So we did a photo shoot and I edited the photos (I'm sorry if it's still really bad, I'm not really good at it). Enjoy!

I wufffffff these girls! And I thank my sister for helping us as our photographer, she rocks.

How's your holiday?



  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you're having fun :)


  2. really love this vintage and whimsical look! that novel is one of my fav too..i really can relate to that story. anyway editan nya lucu kok >< maybe you can make the pic a bit bigger hehe

  3. so nice! follow each other?? let me know!

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  5. ur post always attracted me! <3

  6. LOve your pics!!!


  7. love your blog so much!! followed you via GFC :)

  8. i love the flowery hat!
    cute photoshoot!


  9. Seriously lovely pictures, I love the editing on all of them! And both outfits are wonderful, your style is amazing!!

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    It seems like i can read what kind of style are you.
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