Museum Trip #1

Hello! Sorry for not posting for some time. I've been busy with my college assignments and now I finally manage to spare my free time. Here I go:
I always wanted to do a museum trip by myself or with some of my friends. But it turns out that I don't have time or forget about the plan so I haven't gotten around to it. But recently I got an assignment from my Marketing Research's lecturer to observe about museums in Jakarta. My group got the Museum of Textile to observe, and after that, my interest towards museum raising up again. Therefore, I went to Museum of Bank Indonesia, Museum of Jakarta (Fatahillah), and Museum of Wayang (Indonesia's traditional puppet) last week with my lovely companion, Anin. It was fun and exciting!

To tell you the truth, it's been four (or five?) years since the last time I went to the museum. I felt happy and quite surprised to see how much the museums change in years. It's getting better from time to time.
Unfortunately, most of Indonesia's young generation is no longer interested and have a negative view of the museum. But it's not just our fault. Some of the museums are neglected and abandoned by the government because people stopped visiting the museum, instead of doing renovations.
This is what I need to find: how to revive Indonesia's young generation's (13 - 20 years old) interest toward museum. There are some interesting facts and ideas that I found  during the observations related to "narcissistic generation". I can't tell you more than this right now, so wait for my next next next post! Hehe.

Wish me (and my group) luck!


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  1. beautiful! I myself sometimes went to Museum alone, so I didn't have any photo photographed hehe (and when I'm with my friends I always took them photo so I didn't have anyone either), it's such a quiet peaceful heavenly place.


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