Rocka Chick

My friend had a birthday party last week and she told me the theme of the outfit is "rock'n'roll". So I decided to wear...
 And... to the party!

I guess we failed to portray rock'n'roll... Hahaha

Anyway, if you are aware, I am not wearing any makeup when I took the outfit photos because honestly I... *drumroll* don't really like makeup. Hehehe. I don't even use powder everyday--even to campus--because I am not comfortable with it. And the biggest problem is: I am way too lazy to remove it. I know it's bad. My mom always bought me the powder but I almost never use it, except for formal events like weddings, school graduations, or while dancing.
However, when I came to the party last week, my friends are all wearing makeup and they told me that my face was very pale so I borrowed (yes, I don't have any makeup tools too... poor me...) some makeup from one of my friends and put on a little lipstick and mascara. Then voila! My face looks brighter and fresher. Oh, the power of makeup. I think I should buy some to remind me that I am a girl.

P.S. It's two weeks away from holiday! Yippie! (please don't remind me about those final projects.. please don't).



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