Happy Ears. #2

2013 is almost over! It's been a great year with so many musician I like--or love--come back with new album. So, here are my favorite so far!

 Glen Check - YOUTH!
Rock meets electro. It has 80's-90's kind of feeling. Glen Check is no doubt one of the biggest name in Korea indie scene, and happen to be one of my favorite band as well. They are that great. And don't worry, they are fluent in English so you can hear all the tracks and still understand what they are saying. I recommend you Pacific, Youth In Revolt, Paint It Gold, Anthem For The Wild Souls, Young Generation, I've Got This Feeling, Brooklyn, and Jordan. (Basically, just listen to the whole album :b)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
My friend told me about one of their song and I instantly fell in love. They're so cool. They sound like those rock bands in 60's era. My favorite tracks are Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark), So Good At Being In Trouble, One At a Time, The Opposite Of Afternoon, and Faded In The Morning.

 Taquwami for SSENSE
Pure beauty. Amazing. I am at loss of words. You can hear the tracks on SSENSE's soundcloud here.

 G-Dragon - COUP D'ETAT
He is Korea's biggest artist right now. I love him, either his music and style. The music videos are really cool. All of the things he did, I think only him can do that. No one can copy him perfectly. For the tracks, listen to Coup D'Etat, Niliria, Black, R.O.D, Who You?, 미치GO, Crooked, and I Love It.

Empire Of the Sun - Ice On The Dune
SUPERB. All of the tracks are worth to listen to. My favorite? DNA, Alive, Concert Pitch, and Ice On The Dune.

They are back! And with three title tracks which are awesome. I love their music videos, I love their new style, and I love their music. If you listen to their tracks probably you will confuse a little but their song will slowly grow on you. Do listen to Badman, Coffee Shop, and Hurricane.

 shak. - Slow Wonders
The tracks will make you completely relax. I love Only Now. <3 b="">

Yakamoto Kotzuga - Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses
This album's cover seems a little inappropriate to be displayed but I can't not to include this amazing album.

Lorde - Pure Heroine
I got no complains Lorde is amazing! I love Royals and the other tracks.

Lim Kim - Goodbye 20
My favorite girl is back! She has unique voice, her tracks are lovable, and her music videos are really, really cute. Goodbye 20, All Right, Rain, Urban Green, Voice, and Drunken Shrimp are lovely.
 Toro Y Moi - Anything In Return
One of the best album so far from him. So Many Details is on repeat!

Spazzkid - Desire
This is a truly amazing album. Do see the music video for "40 Winks" on youtube here.

I am so excited to find more and more indie band/project/artist especially from Japan and Korea. They're uber amazing and have so many beautiful songs. 

Anyway, I hope my review could help you find a new interesting music to hear!


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