Hello! Hi guys, how are you? I've been gone for too long, haven't I? Well, I spent my holidays with my cousin Nab in Samarinda then did my part-time work at GADIS magazine so I don't really have time to blog. I guess I missed so much things..

Anyway, my 4th semester just started and I'm back into a college gurl *sigh*

Okay, enough with the blabbering.

Shall we start?

I went to Localfest with Anin and Timami. Fun fun fun!

Gaudi Jumpsuit // Theajelastuff Daisy Sweater // Unbranded Outer // Funkis Shoes // Mannequin Plastic My Toys Like Me Clutch

Finally met the adorable Arin!

I spent the first two weeks of my holidays here and there or at home doing nothing... then I don't know what to do for the next 4 weeks until Nab told me she was free and I decided to fly to Samarinda for a few days. We did thrift shopping, girls night, and more. We shared stories, how things going on for us. How I miss her. I hope she'll make it to the university (yes, she's a twelfth grader!).

Oh, and we took some photos and I'll reveal it to you guys on the next post. :)

Anyway, it was just a quick trip and I decided to get back to work in Jakarta. You'll see some of my works later!

Anddd here some outfit I missed to share..
Dad's Shirt // Vintage Pinafore // Mannequin Plastic Tote Bag // Red Herring Alien Socks // dr. martens 1461 in Red
Vintage Yellow Sweater // Mango Skirt // Mannequin Plastic My Toys Like Me Clutch // Unbranded Socks // dr. martens 1461 in Red

Lastly, meet up before holidays end!
Topshop Stripes Top // Vintage Army Outer // RAH Triangle Bag // Mango Skirt // Topshop Lace Socks // dr. martens 1461 in Red

See you on the next post!



  1. wow cool outfitss.. <33

  2. love ur quirky style as always >< suka bgt editan fotonya hihi edit dmn??

    1. Aahhhh thank you I love yours as well! :) aku edit di photoshop semuanyaa cari2 gambar sendiri :P :P

  3. you always have the cutest photos and outfits! and that sucks being docked in school for miscellaneous clothing items :/

  4. Long time no see! I miss your collage like this haha, you always have the cutest photo collages. It's good that you have something to do outside writing blog though, it's very good ヾ(●ω●)ノ Glad you made the Liebster Award so I could know better about you.
    Well, you always look lovely (´∀`)♥ Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Yesss! Haha I miss it too... aww thank you that's so sweet :3 yess I am so grateful you nominated me! Have a wonderful week too! <3

  5. beautiful ladies here, have a great week love !

  6. i prefer book store than cafe, lol
    nice kicks!


  7. Hey beauty nice pictures, I love ur blog :)You really have a good taste and style.
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

  8. seems like a great catchup! love your look <3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. I love your outfits! Looks like you had a fun meet up :) xx

  10. welcome back to college :D
    btw your picture editing is so cute >.<


  11. love you outfit ;) cute

  12. Love the daisy top!

  13. yay looks great!<3

    xx, angel.


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