The Pants.

I tend to wear my new clothes for a couple times before I get bored and this time my favourite item is a rolled-up pants from my sister. Challenge myself to combine this simple pants with my other stuff and here is the result!

Vintage Yellow Sweater // Mannequin Plastic Tote Bag // Red Herring Alien Socks // dr. martens 1461 in Red

I love wearing casual clothes and this one comfortable sweater is just perfect with the pants. Some people asked me where I got this yellow sweater (I bought it really cheap from some thrift store in Samarinda) because it has "pet clinic" on it. I bet it was from a pet clinic in Japan because it has Japanese letters on the back. Anyway, to make my outfit doesn't look plain, I add those cute little alien socks (my dad's choice!).

Cotton On Green Long Shirt // Cocraparis Metallic Dot Top // Vintage Military Outer // Mannequin Plastic Tote Bag // Topshop Lace Socks // dr. martens 1461 in Red

Layering is one of my favorite way to wear clothes. And the combination of shirt, mesh top, and military outer surprisingly turn out nicely. At first I just want to wear the green shirt that I found when I was digging in my wardrobe, then it matches perfectly with the mesh top. Then since both of them are sleeveless and am not really confident without sleeves so I put on the military outer just in case. I am happy with this look!

Dad's White Shirt // unkl347 Kimono Outer // Lasenora Boutique Shoes

My dad has a good taste on shirt so I always steal his instead of buying one. Monochrome outfit always save my day and the kimono outer exquisitely adds more edgy vibe to the whole outfit. Wore this to Pop Up Market on the second day btw! Anyone came on the same day?

 Unbranded Plaid Shirt // Theajelastuff Daisy Sweater // Mannequin Plastic My Toys Like Me Clutch // Converse Chuck Taylor

I look completely messy in this photo... I was sleepy and my hair was a disaster (puffy and unruly). But I need to take a photo or I'll miss the chance to post this one on the blog. I personally love the combination of plaids and daisies together. Those Chuck Taylor sneakers was just the right pair to complete my day!

Cotton On Forever Young Tee // Unbranded Gray Outer // Topshop Lace Socks // ZARA Creepers // Pull and Bear Leather Backpack

I fell in love with this leather backpack the moment I saw it! I've been wanting a backpack because my shoulders ache every time I wear hand/tote/sling bag (because I bring too much stuff with me) and this one fits me just fine.

Anyway, it's been fun combining the pants with other stuff. Which one is your favorite combination? Mine: number 2!

P.S. You probably a little confuse to see my ever changing hair. That's because my hair is actually fluffy and wavy (like in the last photo) and I'll leave it just that when I don't feel like styling my hair.



  1. love your picture, so creative :D


    This is so cute btw, keep doing your thing<3
    Looking forward to see more

    love, Nab

  3. always love the way you edit your photos. and same here, about trying to find new ways to rewear items. love the different looks.

  4. your dad has a good taste indeed!


  5. selalu deh suka sm gaya & editing km! casual tp hipster gimana gitcuuu <3 <3


  6. Dang love your blog at the first sight! xx

    Kindly leave me a comment,

  7. ur blog and illustrations are so adorb <3 thanks for visiting mine

  8. Only just followed you..Absolutely love your blog! it has inspired me so much


  9. woww!love ur style!
    i love ur blog :DD

  10. your pictures are really creative and so are these outfits! great style :)

  11. Love your blog and creative posts :) Amazing outfits x

    BLOG | Talking Pickles

  12. nice look dear
    and nice blog too

    maybe we can follow each other ?
    let me know and i follow you back

  13. Oh gosh!! i love all of them<3<3
    Mind to follow each other?I've followed you because i really love ur style<3
    I love dat military outer!!<33<33 yay for camo prints!!


  14. I love your pictures. Laid out in the way, that I do a lot. Kind of. :)
    Oh I absolutely LOVE your style!

    [If you would like to show support by following each other, let me know? :)]

  15. This is a great blog you have! We have the same blog template, ;)

    Ryli :) <--- GIVEAWAY on NOW!

  16. you look great in every style!

  17. Love the 3rd outfit, but you look great in any tbh! Love your natural tousled hair :D x

  18. you managed to create nice outfit with that rolled pants.
    great job!

  19. Cute cute cute look!

  20. oh i really adore your quirky looks! <3 <3

    Letters To Juliet

  21. love how you edit your outfit photos! xx


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